"ALEX is doing this shit!"
-Cum Star

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TheN64 Edit

TheN64 (Otherwise known as ThisIsN64) is a lazy jesus-haired Canadian. He is mostly known for his activity on the Discord chat and his small YouTube channel with only 22 subscribers. He has known Pat since the Mario Kart 8 days, when he met him in a MK8 clan called the Electronic Shockers. After the clan died they chatted on Skype until discord became a thing. Almost every time he says hi on the chat, he says "Heyo Spaghettios".

YouTube Edit

TheN64's YouTube is focused around reviewing games. Though they only get like 13 views, he still makes them. The channel is occasionally spammed by random trolls from his school.

Debate with Zero Edit

TheN64 debated with Zero about the existence of spirits, auras, etc. The debate ran in circles until halfway through when TheN64 got really frustrated and started spamming caps. The debate was ended by Zero, who then posted the entire thing on some otherkin forum. TheN64 went on a trip to the Maritimes the day after the debate, causing many to believe he was scared away from the chat for two weeks.