Welcome to The Patrick Power Discord WikiEdit

This Wiki's job is to document all of the famous people, memes and events that have happened around this one Discord server.

This one discord chat has generated tons of amazing memes and has attracted many amazing people. Here is where it's all documented.

See that picture on the right? If you Photoshop it and post your work to the Wiki text channel on the server, you might get featured! (If yours is the best that is.) --->

Bare in mind, if you have differing opinions you will be banned, and when calling Patrick out, he'll ban you like the cunt he is!

People Edit

Patrick | TheN64 | Vert | Matthew | Sackboy | Matomoto | D_d_t_d_D | FrikkinFriks14 | Bag Ryan

Memes Edit

Vert's Meme Gallery | Keem Star | Audio TFs

Latest activityEdit

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